imagesDigital signs are signs are electronic displays of information using the latest technology. It makes use of display media such as LCD and LED among many others. It is important in the society for it provides people information and also offers firms and businesses the chance to reach out to their target audience through information display. Digital signage over time has developed and improved drastically alongside technological advancements. Simple digital signs from the past have now transformed into something more interesting and pleasing to the eyes.

Digital signage has come a long way. Nowadays, we have the technology that has taken digital signs to a new level. And not surprisingly, the quality and style of these signs continue to improve as technology advances. With the use of the latest computers and software, digital signs have now become more interactive with its target audience. The software have allowed people to incorporate different kinds of things into one visually stimulating and attention-catching digital display.

Mobile phones have become a media for digital signage to be more interactive with their audience. SMS and Bluetooth in mobile phones area used to help the user directly interact with the digital signs that the gadget receives. The SMS system is the one that enables the user to receive digital content and display it on screen. On the other hand, Bluetooth is that one that allows the user to interact directly with the displayed digital information. With this, firms and businesses could reach their target audience anytime and anywhere.

Digital signage also makes use of the latest technology to enter the social network scene. Twitter and Facebook are two of the major social networking sites today and the latest technology allows people to display information and share it to the world. People can now post images and signs using their mobile phones on these sites and interaction is fast and easy. This makes public information fast, easy and more accessible. The internet age have provided the people a place to communicate and exchange ideas with one another through these social networking sites and digital signage has grabbed that chance to expand the reach of public information display.

We now have 3D (three-dimensional) digital signs. People today need not wear special glasses to view an image in 3D. Images displayed on 3D are enticing and more pleasing to the public compared to text and 2D images. Digital signs on 3D tend to have more impact to the audience. It makes the display of public information more exciting. Digital signs in 3D easily captured the eyes of the public and conveyed information and promoted products and services faster and easier.

However, these advances in technology that has improved digital signage also have their own downside. One of which is the added cost in providing public information. More interactive signs and better images cost more compared to simpler displays. Technology that can make varied sizes and shapes of displays and make interaction possible costs more.